Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort with Outdoor Lighting

July 13, 2020

As the weather begins to warm, people around Nashville start longing for their favorite summer activities. 

  • Camping in the Smokies to recharge. 
  • A week at the beach for some sun and relaxation.
  • The annual family Dolly Wood trip.
  • Live music and drinks at your favorite venue.


Unfortunately, travel and large social events may not be in everyone's plans this summer. That doesn't mean you can't find rest and retreat within your own home.


Long before 2020, homeowners started taking "staycations." These vacations at home allowed families to relax without going anywhere. Now, with everyone spending a bit more time at home, it is more important than ever to create spaces dedicated to your comfort and rest. Best of all, it has never been easier. 


  • Exterior lighting for homes allows you to extend hours outside with family. 
  • Landscape and architectural lighting make your outdoor spaces safe and beautiful. 
  • Illuminating living spaces, including pools, patios, gazebos, and kitchens, lets you move your entire evening outdoors. 


Here are a few tips for creating a personal retreat in your very own home.


TIP #1:  Know how you like to relax.

Before talking with anyone, consider how you want to use your outdoor space. 

  • Do you need room for kids and pets to play? Or is this space for you to relax?
  • Will you be entertaining guests often? If so, how many?
  • Are there spaces that need additional lighting for safety and security?
  • Would you prefer to cook everything outdoors instead of running back and forth from the grill to the kitchen?


Asking yourself questions like these will be helpful when you sit down with a designer or contractor. There are various ways to set up your outdoor lighting design that will facilitate quiet fireside chats or highlight spaces to entertain the entire block.  


TIP #2  Highlight your unique landscape features.

While it is essential to light patio areas and other high use spaces, you should also focus on the rest of the property. Every retreat needs a picturesque view, and yours will be your landscape. 

  • Lighting trees, arbors, flowerbeds, and pathways provide focal points to admire. 
  • Create enchanting and safe pathways to explore your property or enjoy those areas from the comfort of your patio seating. 
  • Have a pool? Lighting will be necessary for both safety and to allow evening swim hours. 
  • Make the drive up to your home dramatic for guests with lit trees and pathway lighting.


Your entire property should match the type of retreat you're building. Don't allow poorly lit areas to distract you from your relaxation. 


TIP #3 Make lighting and technology easy to operate.

Your retreat should never be a source of frustration. Whether you like the latest tech gadgets or desire simplicity, you can design the lighting system that is right for you. Consider your lighting needs and just how much automation you require.

  • Automatic timers can turn on your lights without you touching a thing.
  • Advanced lighting controls allow you to access your lighting from anywhere via apps on your phone or through your existing smart home system.
  • Lighting effects can be adjusted to match the holiday or special gathering with color-changing technology. 
  • Use a manual dimmer if you want to set the perfect brightness level for an occasion.


No matter what kind of setting you're looking for, make sure it's going to deliver you the relaxation you desire.


TIP #4 Hire a professional.

We get it. You're talented, capable, and already at home. But bringing your vision to life may require someone who has been through it before.


This is especially true when it comes to lighting your outdoor spaces. Yes, you could install some lights yourself. But knowing precisely where to place your landscape lighting, the color of your lighting (yes, there are differences), and the appropriate brightness of your lamps only comes with experience. Hire more than just a contractor. Hire someone who can help you design the right system, install lighting fixtures that will last a lifetime, and will back up their work should unforeseen issues occur. 


A professional lighting designer and contractor should make your lighting system worry-free. They will recognize the best way to run electrical wiring, so it stays hidden and protected from the elements.


Find your rest at home this year.

Whether you're looking to build the perfect "staycation" or want to take your weekend relaxation up a level, turning your home into a personal retreat is a must. But the wrong lighting will detract from experiencing your private retreat.


Follow the tips above to make sure you get the space you've always wanted, right out your back door.


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