4 Factors to Find the Best Time of Year to Install Outdoor Lighting

December 28, 2020

Homeowners often ask us what time of year is best to install outdoor lighting. The short answer: the best time to install outdoor lighting is when you are ready.  

We are fortunate to live in central Tennessee. We have a four-season climate yet experience a relatively mild winter each year, which allows us to remain active outdoors year-round. The assumption is that outdoor lighting is only enjoyed during the summer, so installation should occur in the Spring. However, each season can be enhanced by deciding to install outdoor lighting. And you'll greatly benefit from an experienced lighting professional to thoughtfully design it.

Install outdoor lighting any time. There is no seasonality for safety and security.

Your outdoor lighting should provide you with multiple benefits beyond a stunning home at night. A professional lighting designer will survey your property and identify areas of your home that could present safety hazards in the evening. Staircases and pathways should be well illuminated, particularly in the Winter, where frost or ice could compound the situation. Rope lights and lights on your deck stairs are options to create a safer, more secure space for your home. When properly illuminated, these areas will not only be more comfortable to navigate, but they will also provide an enchanting way for you and your friends to safely enjoy your property at night. 

Install Outdoor Lighting - Pathways and steps

Install Outdoor Lighting - Pathways

And while this year has undoubtedly been unusual, you likely spend time away from home throughout the year. Your many social commitments and yearly travels can leave your property vulnerable. An alarm system will certainly alert you to unwanted visitors. Still, when connected with a timer, your lighting systems will further deter anyone from stepping on your property in the first place. There are many options for controlling your lighting system, ranging from simple digital timers to more complex offerings that can be operated through your phone or as part of a smart home system. Your lighting designer should be well-versed in all options so you can incorporate the right amount of control that suits your lifestyle.

Install Outdoor Lighting - Entryway

Install outdoor lighting any time to highlight the beauty of every season.

Just as your property takes on a new character during the various seasons of the year, so will your evening enjoyment with proper lighting design. Whether you eagerly anticipate your Spring and Summer blooms or enjoy the vast colors of Autumn, outdoor LED lights will accentuate the colors and contours of your landscape throughout the year. Illuminated evergreens in the Winter add vibrancy to your landscape, so you are never limited seasonally to the beauty outdoor lighting can deliver. 

Enjoy your surrounding landscape in Summer from a chaise lounge by the pool or experience peaceful tranquility by the firepit on a cool autumn evening. A lighting professional will be considering all the potential uses of your property when preparing a meaningful lighting design. 

Install Outdoor Lighting - Backyard oasis

Install Outdoor Lighting -backyard pool

Install Outdoor Lighting Early to Enjoy Immediately

The main advantage of scheduling your lighting earlier in the year is that you will immediately enjoy the benefits. You are also more likely to avoid scheduling conflicts as most reputable lighting installers will see their schedules start filling up as early as February. The longer you wait to schedule your initial design consultation, the more you will need to be flexible with your installation date. 

Be sure to avoid selecting your lighting installer based solely on availability. You are making a lifestyle (and lifetime) investment. Expecting precise results that conform to your individual needs while providing years of enjoyment is not asking too much. Homeowners who rush their installation or try to find cheaper alternatives end up paying more for costly repairs or replacements.  

(For more on cost, check out our blog "What's the cost of outdoor lighting?")

Outdoor lighting should never be a source of frustration. The fact is, you should be enjoying your lighting and not thinking about it. Make sure you are working with someone who stands by their work and has references from several clients. See if they offer a lifetime warranty on the fixtures they install and inquire about service and maintenance services that will keep your lights running smoothly for years. You should enjoy what is most important: relaxing, tranquil evenings at home with friends and family. 


You can enjoy outdoor lighting year-round.

Regardless of the season, outdoor lighting enhances your personal enjoyment of your property. Whether you're enjoying spring blossoms, summer nights, autumn colors, or the serene beauty of winter, well-lit outdoor spaces provide an inviting ambiance.

In essence, the timing for outdoor lighting installation is inconsequential because the benefits persist throughout the year. Whether you're focused on safety, aesthetics, property value, energy efficiency, or personal enjoyment, outdoor lighting offers advantages that remain unwavering regardless of the season or the time you choose to invest in it.

Light Up Nashville can help enhance your home's aesthetic.

At Light Up Nashville, we've been enhancing the outdoor lighting experiences of countless homeowners and businesses throughout Middle Tennessee for over a decade. As a locally owned enterprise specializing in architectural and landscaping lights, we take immense pride in crafting tailored lighting solutions that promise enduring delight for our cherished clientele. With our expertise, your evenings will undergo a transformative journey, becoming a source of pride and a canvas for creating enduring memories with your loved ones.

Our dedicated team of lighting professionals, with years of experience on our side, is committed to delivering the following benefits to homeowners:

  • In-Depth Product Knowledge: We stay at the forefront of lighting innovation and industry advancements to provide you with the latest and most efficient lighting solutions.
  • Exquisite Lighting Design & Precise Installation: Your lighting is installed meticulously, using products backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring enduring quality and reliability.
  • Prompt & Responsive Support: We are always available to help you with any questions, help you with, and ensure your lighting system operates smoothly.
  • Respectful Professionalism: We sincerely value your business and uphold your privacy. We always let you know when we are on your property and are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Light Up Nashville proudly holds national recognition from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals and has been honored as the reader favorite by Nashville Home & Garden for an unprecedented four consecutive years. Our unwavering commitment is to enrich our community's evening ambiance. By choosing our services, you'll dazzle your guests, craft enduring memories, and earn the admiration of your neighborhood for years to come.

We extend a warm invitation to you to make this year the one where you relish the relaxation, serenity, and security that professional outdoor lighting can provide.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your lighting needs, please feel free to request a free consultation online.


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